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You sound like you had a peaceful life time. Loving ancestors, caring mates and all who saw you right away admired you. There was no way that you could be not admired. The only bereft part of your lifetime was that you did not have a relation, not because of the shortfall of beautiful women asking you out but cos you trusted that none of them were the soul mate for you.

You had just moved into a kind comfortable house sharing a housing terms with seven unfamiliar home mates. You were really nervous about it, but you were still unsure about new room mates. When you settled in you decided to go to the common commonplace to prepare some coffee.

Just you poured coffee you heard your phone ringing, so with the cup in one hand you dashed forward without watching and cracked into something. Next thing you knew you had splashed warm coffee toward a lady standing right in front of you!

You discover trying to make an apology when the woman shut you off answering it was fine. It was the time you were sure you had cool down and make you known yourself. Her cute green eyes twinkled. You were so mesmerized you were just standing in front of this gorgeous birdie and glaring at her. Suddenly that chick snapped your trance by beaming and enquiring something and you get some colour.

That girl was a great young woman with long blonde hair and glowing green eyes. You looked as you were drifting in your speculation staring at the beautiful woman in front of you and broke out of your trance, looked at her passionately and asked her to get to know each other closer. Regrettably, the vixen looked at you and told you that she is already seeing someone and she isn’t able to go on a date with you.

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